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Sustainably sharp: Kyocera’s new Nature Series

Kyocera launches three new ceramic knives with handles made from renewable raw materials.

  • Kitchen Products

Kyoto/London - From now on, kitchens will become eco-friendlier: With the new Nature series, the Japanese manufacturer of fine ceramics Kyocera expands its kitchen tools product line by three more ceramic knives, a Santoku knife, a peeling knife, a fruit and vegetable knife. The ergonomically shaped handles are largely made from renewable raw material, namely organic plastic obtained from sugar cane.

Sharp kitchen tools

As with all kitchen utensils made by Kyocera, the hand-ground ceramic blades are made of particularly high-quality Zirconia ceramic, an incredibly light and extremely hard high-tech material. The dense and smooth blade surface enables a precise and extremely sharp cut and does not transport metal ions. Thereby, it minimises odour and taste transfer and is resistant to corrosion.

The durability of the sharpness of the new organic knives is also outstanding. The blades’ shape and lengths of 75 mm (FK-075 34 €), 110 mm (FK-110 44 €) and 140 mm (FK-140 64 €) correspond to classic, all-purpose kitchen knives from Japan. Due to the ergonomic handle, made out of organic plastic, the knives sit comfortably in the user’s hand. Therefore, the extremely sharp knives are perfect for vegetables, fish, and meat – suitable for every professional or hobby chef.

Sustainable quality standards

Since its foundation in 1959, Kyocera is able make the most of its profound expertise in materials and production technology in the field of technical ceramics, and continuously expands its knowledge. The high-quality kitchen products also benefit from this wealth of experience and high-quality standards. With outstanding cutting durability and stability, Kyocera’s ceramic knives have become as a permanent favorite in the premium kitchen tool market. The award as Supplier Engagement Leader 2019 by CDP confirms that a sustainable development of its fine ceramic products across different industries is a core component for Kyocera. The international non-profit organization CDP evaluates companies worldwide on the basis of the transparency of their environmental issues and activities. The new Nature series is thus a step further to make production more sustainable.

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Kyocera's new Nature Series

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