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Kyocera expands its spice grinder series to include three new wooden designs

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Kyoto/London − From now on, spices receive a natural finish: the new wooden grinders by Kyocera come with reliable technology and a modern design. Thanks to the innovative ceramic grinding mechanism, the degree of fineness achieved by the grinders can be individually and continuously adjusted. Coarse-grained salt, different types of pepper, seeds, herbs, and other spices – everything can be ground from coarse to very fine, depending entirely on the individual taste. The new universal grinder is even suitable for sea salt, its moisture does not have any effect on the durability or quality of the grinder.

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Kyocera’s long-time experience in the development of kitchen knives and kitchen accessories made from fine ceramics can also be recognized in the new wooden grinder. The grinding mechanism made from high-quality ceramic, which is otherwise used in the medical and aerospace segment, offers many advantages in contrast to a steel grinder: the grinding mechanism does not rust, it can be cleaned easily with water, it does not affect any taste, and it remains sharp for a particularly long time. In addition, spices are not cut, but pulverised. This ensures an especially intense flavour. Due to the removable lid, everything remains inside the grinder, so as to keep the surroundings clean, and the aroma of the ground ingredient is also retained.

The design adds to the grinder’s long-term use: the modern and sleek shape as well as the high-quality mix of glass and wooden materials suit every kitchen and every dining area. The grinder is available for EUR 39.95 in three colours of wood: light beech wood, walnut, and rosewood.

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